Using Direct Mail To Increase Your Profit Margins

As an Internet Marketer you probably haven’t given things like direct mail a whole lot of thought. It’s okay if you have not thought of it. In fact, most IMers never give it a second thought. You could attract people to any business that you have on the Internet using online strategies, but also using off-line strategies that really do work. It is possible to do this with direct mail instead. You really can use direct mail to do this – but is it hard to do? Really, it’s not that hard! It really can be difficult to create a direct marketing campaign that works. To help you make successful direct-mail campaigns, we wrote this article to point out a few essential things.

Just like with a sales page or an email that gets sent out to your list, your direct mail piece needs to have a specific call to action. Sure it is possible to send out a piece of direct mail that just introduces yourself or that alerts people to a promotion you are running. Yet, if you don’t add a call to action, your message may end up in the garbage, unread. Your direct mail message needs to include a way to get people to act on it, whether that’s buying a product, contacting you, visiting your site, or signing up for your mailing list. Be certain that your message is very clear.

Just like email content it’s important for your direct mailings to have eye catching headlines too. It’s true! You can’t just leave the good headlines to online marketing efforts and sales pages. Your direct mail isn’t likely to take off without one at all.

Obviously this is going to be difficult if you have formatted your piece to read as a letter, but it can still be done. The headline needs to be attention grabbing. It also needs to be intriguing so that your recipient will want to keep reading what you have sent to them. There are many tips and tricks out there that can help you write bigger, better, and bolder headlines. Make sure you take a little time to study them before you finish writing your direct mail piece.

It is important to maintain your creativity, yet at the same time make sure it looks like an adult had the final say. The final product should look well done, yet creative at the same time. Your best bet would probably be to work with a professional designer and print shop. This would ensure that your creativity would be there, yet with a professional to help you finalize it. You don’t want to send out something in crayon, no matter how much it will set you apart. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you otherwise. As you can see, creating a direct marketing campaign that is successful is possible. Using direct mail, you can access new prospective clients, as well as build your clientele list – ignore those that say differently.

You can boost your profit margin significantly by doing this as well. Although you may want to stay online as most Internet Marketers do, don’t follow these instincts. Branching out, however, opens up your audiences to people who might not have found you otherwise. Use these tips to help you be more successful with your direct mail campaigns.

Techniques for Planning Your Next Successful Blog

It’s one thing to learn as you go along, but you want to avoid having to redesign your blog or change categories. This happens more often than you think, and maybe you have personal experience in this area.

Once your blog has been up for some time, you can cause a lot of issues with your ranking if you decide to change the navigation. Before you get your blog live on the Internet, you need to properly plan everything so you can avoid these difficulties.

You really should decide what you plan to sell before building your blog. You have to do this so that you can better tailor your content to the method of monetization that you’ve planned to use. This is the best approach you can take because it will make what you write about and how you write it even more effective. The two primary methods of monetization here are either creating your own products or selling them as an affiliate. The truth is that every last thing you do for your marketing and advertising is going to depend upon the decisions that you make here. Obviously you want your content to do as much work as possible, so plan this out and decide what sorts of products you are going to carry before you start the blog.

Penguin (an update by Google) caused many people to go into a tailspin with their websites and blogs, and also learn more about SEO so they are properly prepared for the next update. Google doesn’t want to see an over-optimized blog because it will think it is designed to be that way. It’s important to utilize a certain SEO strategy which will require, especially with blogs, using SEO plugins to get everything just right.

Google has done quite a job in scaring people, making them even afraid to use SEO plugins to improve their rankings. Unfortunately, Google has completely confused the online marketing world for both large and small businesses. It’s all about ignoring Google, and what they are doing, and learning proper on page SEO so that people can find your website.

One of the most common newbie misconceptions is that everything has to be perfection before the trigger can actually be pulled. When it comes to setting up new blogs, you want to make sure that everything you need is in place before you allow it to go live. This isn’t completely necessary and it just makes your launch take more time. Only set up the most essential things like the plug-ins that matter the absolute most and your content. The individual categories and other small details, as much as you might want them, can wait until later. Just have between three and five. You’ll have homepage copy depending on your approach and the theme you’re using.

From there assign categories to your posts and you’ll be ready to go. When you’re still in the throes of the early planning stages, you have plenty of time to ensure that all of the details are perfect before you publish anything to the Internet. What you don’t want to do is constantly rework and retool things because you’ve finally learned how to do things correctly.