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On Page SEO That Gets You What You Want

You know the deal with SEO and ranking in the top three for your desired keyword phrase – it can mean a ton of high quality traffic. You probably have heard about off page and on page with regard to optimizing your site, and each one contributes heavily to your success, here. Remember it is the cumulative effects of all you add to your site in terms of the on page factors. This process has to be done one step at a time, and when you are learning you have to take it the same way. We want you to get the on page SEO done right, and here is how we will begin with that.

How you treat your keywords on the web page conveys the applicable message to the search engines. Always remember that search engines analyze pages based on what human readers would like. Be careful how you approach this one, but sometimes you can bold your primary page keyword phrase for added emphasis for SEO. While this is good for on-page SEO, you have to be very moderate with how you apply this. Try to include site maps on every page of your site because, basically, you want to assist Google in crawling your site in the best possible way. Be smart about it and ensure your site map link is there on each page just in case. The main reason is for Google, and they will give you positive points if you have a good one set up for your site. So do not ignore this one because it will help your SEO efforts.

If you have never done anything with alt tags, for graphics and pics, then you have to get up to speed with this. The spiders and bots and read for SEO will see these alt tags, and then you will be given positive points for it.

You may have to go back and add these alt tags, but it is worth it to make surer you do it. You will find that some people who want to rank are unaware of this, and that is not something we advise you to do, here. So just accept the fact that proper SEO requires you to ensure your on-page is right. You will basically see a big difference in your ranking as time goes by. The majority of the marketers don’t really care much about on page SEO, but this attitude will only spell doom for your site SEO wise. Overall, don’t make the SEO process complicated when it’s not so focus on taking action and learning from the results.

Strategic And Proactive Article Marketing

Experienced article marketers will tell you that article marketing syndication is what you need to do to succeed these days. In recent days, Google policy changes have made it more difficult to rank with article directories specifically. Marketing with article directories may have its problems, but successful article marketing does not require these directories at all. So it is best to just think in terms of how you can get your articles syndicated. Your site, and the business you are promoting, is what you need to be focused on. Therefore, what you need to be focused on is making sure there is always unique content on your website. The syndication of your content is your next goal, something that must be done in order for you to succeed. But if you aren’t putting unique content on your site before anything else, you’re just missing out on the results for no reason.

Most people who write, for any reason, and do not have much experience will not have a clue about the concept of their writing voice. You will not know what it is, or what to do with it, if you are a novice that has not written very much in the past. Your writing voice is simply your completely unique personality that should naturally be revealed in your writing. Most of the time, content writers are wrapped up with their own thoughts and preoccupations. Their primary focus is more than likely on speed, getting the job done fast. What will distinguish you from everyone else in the world when you write is your writing voice!

It is important that, once you are published on your website, to get the search engines to find and index the content you have just published. This is a critical point because you want the search engines to know that the origin of the content is your site and nowhere else. Once your article is up on your blog, go to Digg and bookmark the page for quick indexing. In addition to other things, ping your website, specifically pointing to your new post. Automatic pinging comes with every WP post or page that you make. Keep this in mind as you do not want to manually ping something that has already been done.

It is important to write as if you were trying to keep someone awake and entertained at all costs. If you can keep their attention, and keep them alert, you are doing your job. Attention spans these days are as short as they’ve ever been. Your emotions, and your opinions, should be expressed in some of the things you write to your audience. Your writing needs to keep them awake, sitting up straight, eager to hear more of what you have to say. They want to feel like they’re reading what a person wrote, so write like one! What you write will have a certain tempo, especially if you use your feelings with your words. Writing short concise sentences, with ups and downs, will bring them along as you tell your story.

As your article reads along, build up the tempo and bring it to a fiery crescendo at the end. When you finish the article, the reader should be emotional(or have learned something valuable), and have closure on the topic. Anyone that does not like to write should consider that perhaps they do not have the necessary skills to enjoy it. When you find people that shy away from writing, it’s probably because they’re not very good at it. It is easy to learn how to write better, but it will take a lot of hard work to get there. Be willing to do the work because you can become a great writer if you put your mind to it.